Building a planter box is a wonderful way to spruce up the surroundings of your home. Not only will a planter box give your deck or patio a beautiful fall look, but this unique type of gardening gives plants an ideal place to grow while often taking up minimal space. It’s no wonder planter boxes are all the rage right now among homeowners. The best part of all? You can build one yourself in virtually no time. Up next are a few tips for creating your own DIY planter box, followed by some videos demonstrating the process.

The basics

The first step to successfully building a planter box is finding and gathering all the right tools. These will include a power drill, a saw and a sander. You’ll also want to make sure you have screws and a paint brush, among other items. Whatever you do, be certain you have the appropriate safety gear on hand. For building a DIY planter box, this should include goggles and gloves. Next, choose your lumber. Just keep in mind that whatever type of lumber you pick may need to withstand the elements of the outdoors. If you’re planting indoors, a softer wood will work better, of course. 

Once you’re set with your lumber, you’ll need to plan, cut and assemble your planter. The biggest key here is making sure the planter is deep enough for plants to grow a stable root network. Keep in mind that your planter box must be sturdy enough to hold plants and wet soil. This is why you should always fasten the boards together in a secure fashion. 

To complete your DIY planter box, sand off any rough edges it might have and add a drainage screen to the bottom. This will protect the base from any kind of damage. Lastly, don’t forget to paint or stain your planter box. For this, you might consider using an exterior paint sealer for its long lasting protection. It’s easy to apply, economical and suitable for the occasional touch-up. Just make sure your box is dry before you actually plant it.

Video tutorials

Up next are three videos that provide further details on how to assemble the perfect DIY planter box. Enjoy!

Final thought

Whether or not you’re ready to embark on building a DIY planter box or any other kind of home improvement project, it’s never a bad time to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect loan for the perfect home. Let’s connect soon!