Do you have a morning routine that starts with coffee? Are you what some would consider a coffee-aficionado? Then why not set up a DIY home coffee station to proudly display one of your favorite things! Below you will find some tips and tricks on setting up your at-home cafe so you can start every morning your favorite way- with a cup of coffee and smile.

Lets Get Brewing

To begin, find yourself a cart or cabinet (or build one yourself like this), ideally something with storage space, and place it where you want your coffee bar to be located- amazon has a ton of great options. You can also use extra counter space in your kitchen for this. Once you find your ideal spot, place your coffee maker on top, along with any syrups or flavorings you like. 

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Next up you’ll want to personalize your coffee station. You can do this with baskets, jars, or containers of your choosing to hold your coffees, flavors, and syrups. For coffee grounds you’ll want to use an airtight container to ensure freshness. If you use coffee pods you can use a rack specifically designed for your model of pods, such as this one from amazon, or place them in a large basket or jar to display. 

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If you like to use coffee flavorings and syrups but don’t like the bottles they come in, a great alternative is to put them in leak-proof pump bottles like this. Be sure to create some labels though so you don’t forget which is which. You can even make your own on Canva!

We also recommend installing some floating shelves or mug holders above your cart, such as this shelf or this hanging rack. This is a great way to display all of your favorite mugs and makes it so that they’re easily accessible whenever you need them.

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Lastly, Add on some cute decorations, such as this sign from etsy, or get creative and download some printable coffee-themed artwork to frame around your station. Decorate your station to your liking and viola! Your coffee station is done! If you end up making a station, coffee or otherwise, be sure to share a picture in the comments, or head over to our facebook group to show off your skills!

Need some inspiration? Check out @lindseyshea22’s video on TikTok help you get started!

Final Thought

The best part about this home station is how versatile it can be! For example, not a fan of coffee? Swap out the coffee items for tea, or even wine, and make a few personalized adjustments and you’ve got yourself a custom tea bar or wine station! Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to personalization, just do what makes YOU happy! Speaking of, did you know that it’s our mission to make sure you’re happy in your home? If you’re not, reach out to us today to see how we can get you into a home you love.