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Is this a formal application?

No, this is not an application. This is just a way for our team to learn a little bit more about you so we can best serve you.

Does this mean I am obligated to work with Fairway?

No, you are under no obligation to work with Fairway. Mortgage consultations and pre-approvals are free but do not mean you have to use Fairway.

Are you going to pull my credit?

Nope! We will pull your credit during the formal application but this is just for us to get an idea of where your credit score may sit at.

What if I am unsure of the answers to the question?

No problem! Just take your best guess to give us a better idea of where you sit financially. We can also dive in a little deeper when you are ready during a formal application.

What happens after I fill out this form?

After you fill out the form, a licensed Mortgage Planner will review your answers before reaching out. They will typically give you a call first and follow up with an email. If we reach you at a bad time, no problem! Just email us back with a good time for us to reach out.

Any more questions?

Check out our FAQ page or send us an email at info8675@fairwaymc.com