VA Home Loans

VA-guaranteed home mortgage loans are made by Fairway Mortgage Carolinas and guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to eligible veterans for the purchase or refinance of a primary residence. These loans offer a lot of flexibility to our veterans to achieve homeownership-containing more lenient credit guidelines thanConventional loans. Unlike Conventional and FHA loan products with monthly mortgage insurance premiums that could add to your monthly payment, there are no monthly mortgage insurance requirements with the VA loan.

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Benefits of VA Home Loans

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Competitive Interest Rates

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No Down Payment* or Mortgage Insurance

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Flexible Credit Requirements

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Low Closing Costs

*A down payment is required if the borrower does not have full VA entitlement or when the loan amount exceeds the VA county limits. VA loans subject to individual VA Entitlement amounts and eligibility, qualifying factors such as income and credit guidelines, and property limits.

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VA Loan Requirements

  • Minimum Credit Score
    • 580
  • Minimum Down Payment
    • 0%
  • Must be a veteran with sufficient entitlement determined by the VA- talk to your loan officer and they can help determine.

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You will provide us with some documentation and start your application. We will use that information to provide you with a formal pre-approval letter so you know how much home you qualify for.

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