Out with the old, in with the new! It’s a New Year, and with that means new design trends. With more people staying home, home design needs and wants have changed. Besides, who doesn’t love updating their space a bit? Let’s take a look at some of the top home design trends predicted to dominate in 2022, and break them down so they are easier to accomplish.

Shades of Green

Something that nearly all home design predictions have in common are that shades of green will be very popular this year. While this may seem like a bold choice, we suggest opting for a neutral or nature-based hues such as mint or sage. If this seems like something for you, try painting some furniture, or look for a green rug to try it out! After all, green is often considered a very calming color, and we can all use a bit of calm in our homes. You can check out a list of paint colors predicted to be most popular in 2022 here.

Trendy living room with neutral colors and trending shades of green
Neutral living room with added shades of green

Sustainable Materials

It’s no secret that the focus has shifted to sustainability. Instead of purchasing new items, many people are opting to shop second hand, choosing to upcycle, and are searching for sustainable, organic, or reclaimed materials. For example, many people are scouring thrift stores for new home decor updates, or doing a DIY project to turn something old into something that would appear new. So next time you look at that old picture frame and think about replacing it, maybe consider what a new coat of paint would do for it.

Floral decor using recycled jars and bamboo
Recycled jars and bamboo used to make hanging flower vase decor

Kitchens with Color

Gone are the days of the sleek, white kitchen. Instead, many home-design experts are saying bright colors are the new “it-factor” for the functional spaces. Think bold backsplashes, colorful cabinets, and daring decor to accomplish this look. Some popular color predictions for 2022 are greens, dark blues, and even shades of red and orange. Do any of these colors sound like the perfect pop of color in your kitchen?

Kitchen with green cabinets
Modern kitchen space with functional decoration and green cabinets

Function Over Fashion

It’s undeniable that people have been staying home more over the past few years. With many workplaces moving to a remote or hybrid schedule, children being home more than ever, and many people just opting to stay in more than out, it’s no surprise that functionality has moved it’s way to the forefront of design. As a result, many families are opting to swap out their decorative furniture and knick-knacks for multi-use and multi-functional pieces. For example, instead of a coffee table, consider an ottoman that doubles as a storage bin, like this one from Wayfair.com, or find ways to recycle jars or containers into decoration.

Final Thoughts

As always, these predicted home design trends are simply ideas to take inspiration from. If you don’t love them, then stick with what you have! At the end of the dayl, it is your home and it should be decorated to your liking. However, if you’ve found that your current home isn’t quite what you want or need anymore, then contact us today to see how we can help get you into something a little more suited to your needs. Afterall, we’re always here to help. Will you be trying any of these trends in 2022? Let us know in the comments below, or share them in our Facebook group!