The weather has recently been unseasonably warm in the Carolinas, and that means more opportunities for fun outdoor events. What better place could there possibly be for good times outside than a nice new DIY deck?

Fret not if your home didn’t come with a deck; you have the ability to build one yourself—without even spending a lot of time doing it! With a simple DIY weekend project, you can have a deck that is the envy of all your neighbors and friends. But, it’ll be a place where you can invite those same neighbors and friends to come hang out. While you’re all together, maybe throw some steaks on the grill and tell your pals how they, too, can have a deck—and why they should strongly consider building one.

Decks are an absolutely wonderful home investment, capable of ultimately recouping more than 100% of their cost. Talk about a great ROI (Return on Investment)! Who wouldn’t want to add something that’s going to make their home more valuable? Plus, a deck increases your living space at minimal cost per square foot. Who wouldn’t want that?

Check out the following short videos or these videos from the DIY Network, which all explain how to build the perfect DIY deck for your home.

Ready to embark on a truly wonderful DIY project and start building your new deck today? With this warmer weather, now would be an ideal time to get started. But even if you’re not quite ready to begin deck construction, it’s never a bad time to consider buying a new home or refinancing your current home. 

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