We at Fairway Mortgage Carolinas close hundreds of home loans each month. Some loans can be more challenging than others but we are committed to serve and create an amazing experience for our homebuyer’s as they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. Fairway beat the odds for this homeowner thanks to Trevor and Chris there is a new homeowner on the block.

Successful Homeowner Stories

Breaking Ground on a New Build

Jeff Reeves helped Ryan and Stephanie R. who couldn’t start their new construction project without a pre-approval and initial appraisal confirming the value of the proposed construction. After having issues with a different lender Fairway jumped in and our team had this ready for them 48 hours after the request was made. We were able to give them everything the builder required to start their new dream home. Thank you to Susan Freshcorn with Premier Sotheby’s International Realty and to Hinson Faulk, P.A. for helping close this transaction!

Home In Under a Month

Matthew O’Connor helped Lisa M. who was a first-time homebuyer that had been wanting to purchase a home for quite some time. With the help of everyone involved in the transaction, we were able to assist Lisa in accomplishing her dream of homeownership in less than thirty days.  Congratulations Lisa! Thank you to Alice Betts with Performance Realty, Jay Skutt with Military Relocator, and the Law Office of Donald G. Walton, Jr. for helping close this transaction!

Home to Stay

Matthew O’Connor helped Bailey P. who was a first-time homebuyer and a first responder. After COVID-19 forced her to return home from serving in the Peace Corps in Rwanda, Bailey decided she wanted to purchase a home instead of continuing to rent while she continued her education in the medical field. Thank you to Danica Walker with Seashore Realty Group, Billy Hudgins with Equity Real Estate, and the Law Office of Bailey and Busby for helping close this transaction!

A Marine Finds Home

Matthew O’Connor helped Anthony B. who is one of our great nation’s active-duty Marines. Anthony decided he wanted to buy a home off of the military base so he would be able to raise his family near his parents while still serving. It was an honor to assist him with the purchase of his new home.  Thank you for your service, Anthony! Thank you to Danica Walker with Seashore Realty Group, Susan Duncan with Ocean Life Realty, and the Law Office of Bailey and Busby for helping close this transaction!

“Matt was informative and helpful at every step of the home buying process. He answer everything question in a timely manner and ensured there was a complete understanding of the process.”
-Anthony B.

Conclusion & Questions

We are so thankful we get to serve so many amazing families and help get them achieve the dream of homeownership!

Have you purchased a home and had a wonderful experience? Share in the comments, we would love to hear about it! 

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