We at Fairway Mortgage Carolinas close hundreds of home loans each month. Some loans can be more challenging than others but we are committed to serve and create an amazing experience for our homebuyer’s as they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. That hard work pays off and here are some happy families that achieved the goal of being a proud homeowner.

Successful Homeowner Stories

Perseverance Wins the Bid

Laura Lail recently helped Jennifer S. into her new home after a difficult few months. The process of finding Jennifer’s dream home took over 6 months, making multiple offers on multiple homes. Due to the market demand we had to keep moving the preapproval* purchase limit up to contend with cash offers. This included some very intense stressful bidding weekends and lots of number crunching but Jennifer and her realtor and lender team stayed the course. Everything happens for a reason because Jennifer found the perfect home for her and her son in the perfect spot near his school which was the primary goal!  Thank you to Traci Walker Blair with Investor Jackson Distinctive Proper, Kristin Trapp with Wilkinson ERA, and Matheson Law Firm PA for helping close this transaction!

“Laura was so encouraging through this process. I had made many offers and was outbid several times but Laura kept my spirits up and said that the house was out there for me. She was correct and I finally found a wonderful home for our family. Lora responds immediately to any of my questions and I couldn’t be more pleased with this process… I would highly recommend using Laura to anyone I know looking to purchase a home.”
–Jennifer S.

Home for the Holidays

Debbie Coccia helped Diane W. who was hoping to secure a home with a USDA* loan. She explored several counties and even the option of another state throughout her search for her new home.  As time progressed she secured her new home with a conventional loan, and was in her new home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving! Thank you to Kendra Ridge with Tyler Redhead & McAlister Real Estate, Jessica Haverland with Tyler Redhead & McAlister Real Estate, and Southern Law Firm for helping close this transaction!

“Debbie was supportive and readily accessible whenever I needed her. She went above and beyond the norm, explaining a lot I did not understand. She also helped when I had difficulties with the law firm, which was so reassuring! I will definitely recommend her.”
– Diane W.

Creative Thinking Closes the Loan

Hayden Poell helped Rich & Sue S. who went under contract for their new home while also working to sell their current property. In order for them to close on their new home without having to wait for the sale of their property, we had another company step in to purchase their new home for cash to secure the deal for them while they waited to be able to use the proceeds from the sale of their current property. The Steiner’s were able to capitalize on the current market with the sale of their property to be able to keep a mortgage payment that they were comfortable with, as well as still having enough left over for future home improvements! Thank you to Mike Kastner with EXP, Jaime Sparks with J Cash Real Estate, and Solomon with Hejirika Law Firm for helping close this transaction!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Debbie Coccia helped Jeffery & Renee C. who are finally in their new home after having to put a pause on their home purchase in June! Thank you to Loni Little with EXP Reality LLC, Diana Giral with Movil Realty, and Boston National Title for helping close this transaction!

Conclusion & Questions

We are so thankful we get to serve so many amazing families and help get them achieve the dream of homeownership!

Have you purchased a home and had a wonderful experience? Share in the comments, we would love to hear about it! 

Are you hoping to purchase a home soon? Share some steps you are taking to prepare for the big decision so you can help others! 

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