We at Fairway Mortgage Carolinas close hundreds of home loans each month. Some loans can be more challenging than others but we are committed to serve and create an amazing experience for our homebuyer’s as they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. Fairway beat the odds for this homeowner thanks to Trevor and Chris there is a new homeowner on the block.

Successful Homeowner Stories

Finding Home Despite the Odds

Trevor Higgins recently helped Chris L. who came to us with little hope and a lot of frustration. Chris has recently been laid off due to COVID but recently started working for a real estate investment company. Chris was originally denied by another lender due to his these recent employment changes and thought there was no hope left until he was introduced to Trevor Higgins and Chris Farrell of Fairway’s Metrolina Mortgage Team. Chris decided to give them a chance and they were able to work around the job changes and make the loan work by taking the time to get the full story of what was going on and documenting it for underwriting. In this case, they were able to put the whole story together and as a result close the loan on time despite starting two weeks behind schedule! Thank you to the Law Office of R. Graham Renfro for helping close this transaction! Congratulations Chris L. on becoming a homeowner!

“Trevor and his team were incredible! I actually really thought I would be unable to purchase a home based on my financial situation. Trevor told me not to worry and that he would find loan type that would fit my credit and budget. Trevor and his team delivered in a big way for my family and I. I will be telling everyone I make contact with that Trevor and his team at Fairway are the best in the business! Thank you Trevor for an amazing mortgage experience!!”
-Tanner I.

Conclusion & Questions

We are so thankful we get to serve so many amazing families and help get them achieve the dream of homeownership!

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