In the mood to tackle a fun, fairly inexpensive DIY project this weekend? If so, we recommend building one or more floating shelves for your home. Up next, get acquainted with floating shelves and find out how to build floating shelves in your spare time.

What are floating shelves?

Hence the name “floating,” this kind of shelf doesn’t include any kind of visible wall supports. Rather, it’s attachment to the wall is hidden from view, making it appear as though it floats on the wall. So, no eyesores such as clunky hardware or wall brackets. Floating shelves instead give off a very clean appearance.

Floating shelves also come in various sizes and styles, but the common link among different types of floating shelves is that they’re immensely popular. As home improvements go, floating shelves are at the top of the list right now. So if you’re all about the latest home interior trends, floating shelves are in style.

What are the benefits of floating shelves?

Not only are floating shelves aesthetically-pleasing, but they save lots of floor space. And we do mean A LOT of floor space. Basically, anything you would put on the ground can now sit on a floating shelf. Also, floating shelves work in just about any room in your house. Whether it’s the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen or somewhere else, one or more floating shelves can make all the difference. By saving space, they will also help you stay more organized. Who doesn’t want that?

How do you build floating shelves?

The exact supplies you’ll need for your DIY floating shelves will depend somewhat on the type of shelf or shelves you build. Start with a drill driver, a Kreg pocket hole jig, a table saw and a tape measure. As for the process of how to build floating shelves, the videos below will tell you everything you need to know.

Final thought

Even if the idea of building your own floating shelves doesn’t float your boat (sorry, couldn’t resist), you can always buy them pre-built for a fairly reasonable price. Just check with your local retailers, including Walmart, Target and hardware stores, to see what’s in stock. And, as always, contact us at Fairway of the Carolinas with any questions you might have. Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, refinance or improve your current living situation, we’re here for you.