With more than 50 employees and a total of six offices in North and South Carolina, Fairway of the Carolinas is large enough to leave a major footprint but small enough to make those who work here feel right at home. While Fairway of the Carolinas is 100% committed to meeting all your homebuying needs, we’re not just about what we do. We’re also about how we do it. As the name “Fairway” suggests, we’re dedicated to treating our employees and customers like they matter. Because, well, they do. Efficiency, teamwork and growth are in our DNA, and we strive to create a work environment that’s equally fun for our team members and passionate about helping people pursue their homeownership dreams. So what are the core values that make us who we are at Fairway of the Carolinas? And how do we live them out every day? Find out below.

Core Value #1: We Learn From Our Mistakes and How To Do It Better Next Time.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? It’s simply part of living and being human. In short: Things happen. While we don’t make mistakes often at Fairway of the Carolinas when it comes to the home loans that we provide, we thankfully have an awesome team that jumps in to correct the rare mistake that might occur. Above all, we continue to learn new things every day.

Core Value #2: Positive Teamwork, Trust and Benefit.

This means we extend and expect trust, looking for everyone to benefit in every interaction. The teamwork piece is seen in how the different members of our team join together to ensure you have the perfect home loan. It’s also evident through our blood drives – which are helping save lives – and our regular team gatherings. We do a coffee break every Monday morning to simply catch up and learn something new about each other. We also host a popup Happy Hour almost every month at a different restaurant. In addition, we take trolley pub tours and convene for quarterly internal events. For example, this weekend our whole team is going to a Charlotte Knights baseball game! These types of get-togethers build chemistry, foster unity and ultimately empower us to work together as one cohesive group … for you.

Core Value #3: Work Hard and Work Smart.

This means we finish the job, and we create systems to work smart. One example of such a system would be the FairwayNow app. Along with using the app to fill out a loan application in less than 10 minutes, you can also secure a quick loan pre-approval and connect to websites where you can search for homes. From there, you can easily track your loan progress with real-time push notifications. With one click, you can call or text your Fairway of the Carolinas mortgage adviser and your real estate agent. You can also securely scan loan documents with your phone camera and calculate loan scenarios with full monthly payments. What’s not to love here? We are consistently improving our process to make things as efficient and user-friendly as possible so the customer is assured an amazing experience.

The Wrap

Want to know more? Check out our careers page for job opportunities and additional info about our company culture. The video below is not specific to Fairway of the Carolinas but about our parent company, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, as a whole. However, it’s a great way to discover the common threads that run through all Fairway branches. And it’s also a wonderful opportunity to see how Fairway operates and determine whether you might be a good fit for our team. As always, you can contact us with any questions, too!