Records, they say, are meant to be broken. Especially when it means potentially saving more lives. Fairway of the Carolinas shattered an old record for the good of humanity on Wednesday, July 28, when the Charlotte-area mortgage lender collected a whopping 24 units of blood — enough to provide a life-saving resource to as many as 72 people. This was the second Fairway of the Carolinas blood drive in only four months. 

In April, generous donors delivered a total of 16 blood units for up to 48 local hospital patients in need. As you can see from the math, one unit of blood can save or positively impact three lives! Teaming up with us for the blood drive at our Blakeney office in South Charlotte was OneBlood — a not-for-profit organization that provides safe, available and affordable blood to more than 200 hospital partners and their patients throughout the Southeast. This area includes Charlotte, which is home to one of OneBlood’s six main campuses.

‘Anyone can be a hero’

OneBlood distributes nearly one million blood products annually, employs more than 2,000 people, and operates more than 80 donor centers. The organization also deploys nearly 200 of its signature Big Red Buses throughout its service area for blood drives (view a map of the OneBlood service area). OneBlood has multiple laboratories as well as manufacturing and distribution sites. These are strategically located throughout its service area, enabling quick response to hospital needs and availability of blood products.

This past week marked the fifth blood drive that Fairway of the Carolinas has hosted in partnership with OneBlood in three years.

“Heroes are hard to find, but anyone can be a hero by giving blood,” said Fairway of the Carolinas Certified Mortgage Planner Trevor Higgins, one of more than 20 people who bled for a good cause. “I love what our branch does to continually support the community in so many ways. This is just one of them.”

The wrap

Fairway of the Carolinas thanks everyone who participated in the July 2021 blood drive. As a show of appreciation, every blood donor left with a $20 gift card and beach towel from OneBlood. We handed out Fairway goodie bags, too! Check out some photos below from the event. Also stay tuned for info on the next Fairway of the Carolinas blood drive, possibly coming this fall. 

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