If you’re searching for a home and crave a one-stop-shopping kind of experience, fret not. We have REALLY good news. With the free FairwayNow app, you’ll enjoy this and so much more. But what exactly does the FairwayNow app do and where do you get it? Let’s explore this in the information below.

Where Do You Download The App?

The first step to using the FairwayNow app, of course, is actually accessing it. To find the FairwayNow app, all you need to do is simply visit the mobile app store on your iPhone or Android. Once you’re there, search “FairwayNow,” and you’ll immediately see the app. Click the option to download and … Boom! … it’ll be on your phone. Then you can use it whenever and wherever you wish.

What Can You Do With The App?

The short answer is “a lot!” Along with being able to fill out a loan application in less than 10 minutes, you can also secure a quick loan pre-approval and connect to websites where you can search for homes. From there, you can easily track your loan progress with real-time push notifications. With one click, you can call or text your Fairway of the Carolinas mortgage adviser and your real estate agent. You can also securely scan loan documents with your phone camera and calculate loan scenarios with full monthly payments.

To see what else you can do with the FairwayNow app, watch the short video below. It’ll also bring the app to life in a way that will make you want to download it today!

Final Thoughts

To log into the FairwayNow app from your computer, click here. Also, be sure to check out this overview of the app and some of its features. Of course, if you have any questions about how to download or use the app, feel free to contact us. Not only can we answer your app questions, but we can help with any questions you have about homebuying, mortgages or anything else related to the industry. Let’s chat soon!