If you’re like a lot of people, you probably savor the idea of spending time outdoors now that temperatures have cooled. One of the most enjoyable ways to do this is by grabbing a hot cup of coffee and cozying up to a fire pit in the yard. The only roadblock to this experience? You must first have a fire pit. Up next are some very simple, basic instructions on how to build a fire pit in classic DIY-fashion. Then, we’ll share some videos that will walk you through it step-by-step.

How to build a fire pit: The process

Step #1 to building your own fire pit is choosing your location and making sure you have the blessing of your HOA. How awful would it be to spend the time and money required to build a fire pit, only to realize you’re not allowed to have it? Also know that fire pits are strictly governed by local building codes. Depending on your area’s building codes, you might need to encircle your pit by a border of gravel or sand. Or this might not be necessary at all. Just be sure to find out before you start building.

Once you know the building codes and have gotten the HOA sign-off, the next step will be figuring out what type of fire pit you wish to build. Then, you can choose your materials accordingly. There are different types of fire pits – including some above ground and some built in the ground. They also come in various shapes, sizes and styles. And, of course, some are cheaper to build than others.

Figuring out the best plan for your personal tastes, living situation and finances is in some ways even more important than the actual building process. Once you’ve cleared this hurdle, it’s time to go shopping. Among the materials you’ll want to purchase are blocks or pavers, a wheelbarrow, a shovel, lava rock, a paver base and construction adhesive. Consult the videos below to find out everything you’ll need for the fire pit of your choosing.


How to build a fire pit: Final thought

Think you’re ready to build a fire pit? As relatively cheap home investments go, a fire pit is hard to top. Among the most popular of all landscaping features, fire pits can can provide an outdoor gathering place like no other. Not to mention, they’ll help keep you warm in the fall and winter! Contact us today if you want to talk home improvement or get started on a home purchase. Our desire is to serve you with excellence, because you deserve nothing less. GET A FREE RATE QUOTE