Sometimes a space in your home where things are cleaned needs a good cleaning itself. Case in point: your dishwasher. Just stop and think about it for a minute. Part of a dishwasher’s job is to remove food particles stuck to dirty dishes. When this happens, many of the food particles go down the drain but others settle somewhere in the dishwater. Now that’s not so pleasant to think about, is it? Here’s the bottom line: No different than your tub or your sink, your dishwasher needs periodic cleanings. Up next is a very basic step-by-step breakdown of how to clean your dishwasher. Then, we’ll share a few videos that others have shared that visually demonstrate the dishwasher cleaning process.

1. Pick your cleaning materials

Whether it’s vinegar, baking soda, a Tide pod, something else, or a different combination entirely, the first step is choosing your cleaning solution. Here’s an article on using the vinegar option. 

2. Execute your plan

Typically, this means emptying the dishwasher then starting it for a full cycle after adding the cleaning substance of your choice. Or, if you prefer, you can grab a washcloth and scrub down the machine by hand with whatever substance(s) you’ve chosen. This is the harder and more time-consuming way, though.

3. Check your work

Once you’re done cleaning, take a couple of minutes to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Check for stains and any food particles you may have missed. If necessary, scrub again or start another cycle – maybe with a different cleaning substance than you used the first time.

The wrap

Finally, as promised, here are a few short videos showing how to clean your dishwasher. Check them out and, as always, please contact us if you have any questions about homebuying, refinancing, home improvement or anything else related to the mortgage industry. And don’t forget to click the button below the videos for a free rate quote. At Fairway of the Carolinas, we’re always here for you. CLICK FOR A FREE RATE QUOTE