Feeling stressed? Let’s try to change that. On National Stress Awareness Day — which falls on the first Wednesday of every November — focus on de-stressing for at least 24 hours. Then, who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy your de-stressors so much that you’ll want to make some of them a habit. Here are five ways to appropriately commemorate the occasion.

1) Go for a walk

What beats a leisurely stroll? Maybe try a scenic trail in the woods or take some laps around an attractive body of water. Nothing is more soothing, especially on a fall day, than letting the cool autumn wind hit your face while burning a few calories in the process. By all means, though: Save the intense mountain climbing for another day.

2) Fly a kite

It’s hard to find anything more peaceful than watching a kite drift upward toward the heavenlies. If it’s nice outside, it’s an especially good time to put your kite-flying skills to the test. But if you’re an amateur at this, fret not. The whole point of National Stress Awareness Day is to have fun and leave your cares behind. So, don’t pretend as if you’re in a kite-flying competition. Just release the kite and don’t sweat how far it travels. The whole idea is to take your mind off more stressful things.

3) Call a close friend

When was the last time you called a close friend? Notice we said, “called,” not “texted” or “messaged.” All too often these days, we message our friends with regularity but go months — or sometimes even years — without actually hearing their voice. This is a real shame. So if you have close friend, who you perhaps haven’t spoken with in some time, give them a call. Catch up. Connect. Don’t talk about politics. Just savor the interaction and maybe make plans to get together in-person in the near future.

4) Stay off social media

This one might be the biggest de-stressor of all. If you want to clear your mind of clutter, take a break from social media. Like, literally, turn everything off. Forget Facebook. Ditch Twitter. Escape Instagram. Avoid Tiktok. Pretend like Snapchat doesn’t exist. Just shut all those platforms down for a full 24 hours. We guarantee you’ll feel less stressed. And you might even enjoy it so much that having one day away from all social media each week becomes a habit.

5) Eat your favorite meal

There’s a reason why they call tasty dishes “comfort food.” Consuming really delicious food — in moderation, of course — almost always makes people feel better. If you’re super-health conscious and rarely partake of your favorite meal because you’re worried about your physique, National Stress Awareness Day is the day to make an exception. Whether it’s cheap takeout or fine dining, you deserve to chow down on something you love. So, do it without regret.

Final thought

Excited about National Stress Awareness Day? Well, you should be. Even if you can’t do all of the things above, we recommend trying at least one or two. Ultimately, it’s about doing whatever is necessary to keep your blood pressure down. And it’s about you taking care of YOU. So, let go of your cares as much as possible and breathe in some fresh air. We hope you’ll join us at Fairway of the Carolinas as an active participant in this wonderful occasion.