It’s the month of June, which means Father’s Day is right around the corner! But coming up with a gift for Father’s Day can be stressful. Sometimes you just don’t know what your dad might like and you’re worried about getting him the right gift. However, finding the right gift may not be as difficult as you think. Every dad has different interests, but there are a few gifts that they are almost guaranteed to love every time. Here are a few things that could put a smile on your dad’s face on his special day!

Tickets for an upcoming Sports Game

Dads love sports, if a man is not working then chances are he’s watching a game in his favorite chair. Surprising your dad with tickets to an upcoming game is a great gift idea, it’s a chance for him to watch his favorite team live and spend time with you as well. In Charlotte, there are all kinds of sporting events right around the corner. The Charlotte FC has tickets available for June through August and the Panthers have home games from August through November for football lovers. However, If your dad is more a baseball fan then there’s still a chance to check out the Charlotte Knights for games scheduled this month.

Draft Pour Beer Dispenser

What dad doesn’t love a good beer? Put a cold one in his hand and he’s a happy man! But why not add some flare to the process? This cool FIZZICS dispenser has been patented with micro-foam technology and is built to accommodate any beer bottle or can. This is a great feature because it allows you to drink any kind of your favorite beer straight from the tap. Pull the dispenser for your beer or you push it for the special micro-foam it provides. A small but convenient gift for any beer lovers out there!

The Draft Pour dispenser is a great gift for dad. Here are some other variants if you’re interested.

  • Fizzies Draft Pour Dispenser $143.25
  • Ice variant $129.99
  • Copper variant $149.99

A new Briefcase

Since more people are heading back into the office, a businessman might consider how he wants to look once he sees his coworkers again. Showing off a brand new briefcase would definitely be a good father’s day gift choice for a man of style. This case is made with high-quality leather that is durable and comes with padded spaces that are built to accommodate a variety of sizes of equipment. You can even get custom engraving for only $25 extra The solo classic attached case has gotten great reviews and continues to be a bestseller!  If you want to browse other options has a wide variety of choices here.

  • Solo Classic Collection Attache Case $128.88
  • Edmond Leather Delegate Briefcase $179.99
  • Pratt Leather Maurice $299.99

Coffee lovers

For the Coffee Lover

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a man who doesn’t need a good cup of joe to get the day started. Some will say they prefer their coffee to be hot, but you’ll always find that one person who likes theirs cold. A good cup of cold brew can take a long time, however, this brew maker takes only 5 minutes!  A convenient feature to satisfy their iced coffee urges. Dads who may love their coffee a bit on the hotter side might want to try this deluxe coffee maker. It can brew from coffee or your favorite espresso drink in just a few seconds. Top it off with a creamy milk froth with just one push of a button. These are excellent gift ideas for a dad who can’t go a day without their coffee!

Golfing items for you dad

Gifts for Golf Lovers

Golfing is considered to be a favorite pastime for a lot of dads. And what better gift to give to a golf-loving father than a brand new club traveling bag. If your dad doesn’t just love to golf, but to golf consistently, then this is definitely a gift worth considering. Golfing can require a lot of traveling and sometimes even flying, which can wear and break down traveling equipment. This is important because a passionate golfer always wants to be able to have their clubs ready and available on the go. The Club Glove Last Bag is designed to last for multiple years, withstanding long travels and packaging.

Everyone golfer loves the Club Glove Last Bag. But if you’re interested in other brand options and different prices, you can find them here. 

  • Club Glove Last Bag $299.00
  • OGIO Alpha Mid Travel $279.99
  • Big Max Travel Cover $189.99
  • TourTrek Hybrid Travel Bag $169.99

However, if you’re looking for a less pricey golfing gift for your dad then Titleist golf balls should suit your needs. These golf balls are specially designed to be customizable and come in a variety of categories for different purposes. If you’re interested in what golf balls are available then click here

  • Pro V1 $50
  • Tour Speed $40
  • Tour Soft $35
  • Tru Feel $25

Fathers Day

Final Thoughts

If none of these ideas are appealing for a gift, there’s always the option to go at a more simple discretion. For example, a gift card to Lowe’s or treating your dad out to his favorite restaurant. A gift for your dad doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. As long as you show that you love and appreciate them. A good father’s day gift always comes from a thoughtful place, but it never hurts to ask for some extra help on good ideas. Just like asking for help from Fairway Mortgage. Because here at Fairway, we’re always looking for ways to help people. Whether it be for mortgages or simply looking for a gift for a family member, we are always happy to help however we can.

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