Ready for Halloween? The big day is rapidly approaching, and if you don’t have a costume, well, now is the time to get one. Before you head out for a fun evening of trick-or-treating, it’s best to be prepared. After all, you don’t want to miss out on any yummy candy! Up next are three last-minute Halloween costumes you might consider.

1) Rabbit

Google Trends recently released its 2021 “FrightGeist,” which lists the most popular Halloween costumes across the U.S. and in certain U.S. cities. While dressing up like a witch was No. 1 – which is no big surprise – the No. 2 costume on the list was a bit of a shocker. So, apparently, adorning yourself in rabbit attire is all the rage this Halloween. This is especially true in cities such as St. Louis, Missouri; Parkersburg, West Virginia; and Lexington, Kentucky, where the rabbit has been the most searched Halloween costume on Google Trends. It should be noted that animals, in general, account for 11% of all costume searches. So, if you’re going to dress like an animal this Halloween, a rabbit seems reasonable enough. Heck, maybe we should just celebrate Halloween and Easter (the holiday synonymous with bunnies) on the same day this year.

2) Dinosaur

Next up behind the rabbit on FrightGeist is the dinosaur. Talk about polar opposite ends of the spectrum in the animal kingdom. They don’t get any more opposite than this. Not only are dinosaurs notorious as opposed to cuddly like a rabbit, but they’re also extinct. Very extinct. And they have been for, well, let’s just say a very long time. If you really want to scare someone with your costume, a dinosaur is as good of a choice as any. Good luck getting a lot of candy, though. If you want to bump into numerous dinosaurs this Halloween, consider trick-or-treating in the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina. Based on the searches recorded on Google Trends, apparently, everybody in these nearby parts wants to go Dino this Halloween. Ditto for Asheville, North Carolina and Anderson, South Carolina. Who knew?

3) Spider-Man

Last but certainly not least on this short list of popular last-minute Halloween costumes is the one and only Spider-Man. Yes, according to FrightGeist, there’s a frighteningly high chance that on this Halloween, you’ll see some kids (maybe even adults) doing their best impression of this wildly popular fictional character who children under the age of 8, in particular, seem to adore. So if you’re looking for a last-minute Halloween costume, look no further than this age-old comic book superhero. Just be prepared to share the sidewalk with some other folks dressed as Spider-Man if you live in Columbia, South Carolina; New Haven, Connecticut; or Orlando, Florida. Spider-Man costumes are being searched quite a lot by the residents of these areas. So, if you don’t mind having some clones on Halloween, Spider-Man might be one of the safer costume choices. 

Final Thought

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