The holiday season is here, and you’ll likely be exchanging gifts soon! If you dream of picture perfect wrapping, but find your gifts end up looking a little more wrinkled than well-wrapped then we’ve got your back. Below you will find some gift-wrapping tips and tricks to help your presents look like they belong in a Hallmark movie.

Step One: Measure Your Wrapping Paper

This might seem obvious, but this is where you set yourself up for success! Start with a sturdy wrapping paper- there’s nothing worse than paper that rips easily! Place the gift on the paper, and fold the wrapping paper across the gift until it meets the paper on the other side of the box. You’ll want to cut your paper about 2 to 3 inches past that spot. Leave enough paper on the sides to cover ¾ of the box, and trim off your excess.

Step Two: Start the Wrap

Once you have your wrapping paper measured, take your gift and flip it upside down so the bottom of your gift is facing up. Place your gift in the center of the paper, and pull one edge up until it meets the center of the box and tape down that edge. Pull the other edge of the paper up until it overlaps with the taped down paper, pull tight, and tape down the second edge.

Step Three: Finish Folding

Once your gift is left with open ends, fold over one of the open ends of wrapping paper and tape it down to your item. Crease the sides in diagonal lines, fold them over until they meet the box and tape them down as well. Pull the remaining open side up to meet the open edge, pull tight, and tape into place. Repeat with the open side.


Step Four: Make It Extra

Now that your gift is looking picture perfect, it’s time to really make it pop! Try using a shiny ribbon, or maybe  cut a  piece from your tree to complete that festive look! Just don’t forget to put who it is for and from!


You can also check out this step-by-step Youtube video if you’re more of a visual learner!

Final Thought

Now you have picture perfect presents! However even if they didn’t turn out perfect, that’s okay because it’s the thought that counts! But what if instead of a boxed gift, you’re wanting a new home for the holidays? While that may be difficult to wrap, we at Fairway of the Carolina’s are here to make it easier. Contact us today to get started!