We at Fairway Mortgage Carolinas close hundreds of home loans each month. Some loans can be more challenging than others but we are committed to serve and create an amazing experience for our homebuyer’s as they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. That hard work does pay off and here are some happy families that achieved the goal of being a proud homeowner.

Successful Home Buying Stories

Rick & Charlotte’s Story

Jeff Reeves helped Rick and Charlotte M. who relocated from New York to be closer to their family. They were trying coordinate their closing with the New York home and their new home in South Carolina. Our team worked with them to help simplify this relocation and make the transaction as easy as possible. Thank you to Kamilah Peebles with Keller Williams, Alexandria Baxter with RE/Max, and John Peterson with Peterson Law Firm for helping close this transaction!

Jeff was most helpful in the process. He was very helpful coming up with solutions when I encountered technical difficulties with my computer. Jeff was always upbeat and his guidance made the process easy to complete. He was great to work with and I would recommend Jeff Reeves to anyone needing a mortgage.

Richard M.
Rick and Charlotte with the family in their new home!

Gary’s Story

Trevor Higgins helped Gary B. and his family who are first time home buyers, Pastors, and all around great people that have given back to their community and finally got the chance to buy their own home. Thank you to Holly Blanken with Heart and Home Realty, Clint Ford HER Realtors, and PM Title for helping close this transaction!

Trevor and his team made it easy for us to buy a home. No pressure. Told us to take our time and to make it ours. Clearly answered questions and would even check in on us to make sure we were ok and doing well. Personal and respectful.

Gary B.

Conclusion & Questions

We are so thankful we get to serve so many amazing families and help get them into their dream homes!

Have you purchased a home and had a wonderful experience? Share in the comments, we would love to hear about it! 

Are you hoping to purchase a home soon? Share some steps you are taking to prepare for the big decision so you can help others!