This season is all about community and giving, and what better way to do that than through the classic Christmas or holiday card! When you think of a Christmas card you might picture a family portrait or classically decorated card, and while these are always lovely, sometimes you might want to make yours stand out amongst the others. Here are three fun holiday card ideas that are sure to make anyone who sees them feel merry and bright!

1) Get Your Hands (a little) Messy!

For this idea the goal is to make fingerprints on a card with paint or ink, then use a black pen or marker to add details and create an image! We suggest doing multiple colors to make christmas lights, or brown to create little reindeer. Plus, this is a great option for those with children to ensure they are involved and having fun! You can check out some more information on this idea here.

Thumbprint reindeer Christmas card
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2) Use Non-Traditional Colors on Your Card

Who said your cards had to be red, green, or white?! If you really want your card to stand out, we suggest using bright and bold colors. This works perfectly if you want to have an image on your card, or just keep it to simple text. The holiday season is so full of bright colors, so why not utilize them? You can check out this example from here.

Brightly colored holiday card that says "Merry and Bright"
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3) Don’t Stop at Just a Card

We all know garlands and buntings are a classic holiday decoration, so why not turn your card into one? This example uses the word “JOY” and replaces the O with their picture- so festive! This is a sure-fire way to have your card stand out amongst the rest, as well as being a great way to make a DIY decoration perfect for years to come!

Holiday bunting that says "JOY" with a picture of a family in the "O"
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Final Thought

Do you enjoy sending and receiving cards? How would you feel about receiving any of these fun holiday card ideas? Even if sending holiday cards aren’t your thing, they’re still a joy to display in your home around the holiday, reminding us of our friends and family. Speaking of home, if you’re looking to save some money after the holidays, contact us today to see if refinancing might be the right thing for you! We’re always here to help.